Philosophy / Promise

Vocational Philosophy   Real requisition, Do actions, Know what’s what
Educational philosophy   Excellence subjects | Have skills | Have moral | Harmonize and Have disciplines
     Educational Philosophy

Excellence subject | Have skills | Have moral | Harmony and Have discipline.

Excellence subjects


Keep on academic study both in the classroom library, the teacher outside school and various academic resources that to have knowledge in the field of your study. And have relevant knowledge of occupation, as well as existence.

Have skills


Training skilled professional until can be to your career and always study skills training in other subjects that necessary for careers and existence.

Have the moral


The study provides insight and bringing dharma principle that need to be applied to life and coexist peacefully.



Participate in the activities and coordination to fame to the college.

Have discipline


Obey and behave follow them have been trained according to the regulations of the college known roles and responsibilities of society.

    Students’ Vowing of Vocational Students

    I promise that
1. I will uphold the democratic regime of government with the King as Head of State. and adhere to the Nation, Religion and Monarch
2. I will be virtuous and ethical, doing what is right, what is good, rejecting what is wrong, what is against morals.
3. I will be a good member of the family and society. Let's develop the community. housing to be stable and self-reliant
4. I will seek knowledge with diligence and conducting a career with honesty and integrity
5. I will act as a good citizen of the nation. There is a volunteer spirit to make merit that is beneficial to the nation.


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