Measurement and Evaluation Section

     Measurement and Evaluation Section - Academic Division

 Mr. Samrit Thongphat
 Position : Head of Measurement and Evaluation Section
 Contact : 109
 Mr. Threepop Sueakhamron
 Position : Staff of Measurement and Evaluation Section
 Contact : 109
 Mr. Methasit Ponwatcharin
 Position : Staff of Measurement and Evaluation Section
 Contact : 109
     Duties and Responsibilities - Measurement and Evaluation Section 

1. Supervise and support teachers to gain knowledge and follow the assessment and evaluation procedures.
2. Supervise curriculum planning and learning evaluation.
3. Proceed the assessment outcomes after terminating the instructions.
4. Inspect the score level before propose to the administrative committee and the director.
5. Collect all approved educational results and send to the registrar.
6. Hold a standard test and report results.
7. Analyze exam papers and formulate standard exam paper.
8. Keep and destroy study assessment and document related to assessment and evaluation.
9. Transfer education result, compare knowledge and experience.
10. Coordinate with internal organization and external ones.
11. Formulate annual work timetable on project proposals and reports.
12. Foster and maintain the college property commissioned.
13. Perform other assignments relevant to its terms of reference.

Information as of June 1, 2021

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