Personnel Section

     Personnel Section -  Human Resource Management Division

 Miss Nattaket Rueangthong
 Position : Head of Personnel Section
 Contact : 105
 Miss Chuntima Cluaipitak
 Position : Deputy Head of Personnel Section
 Contact : 105
 Miss Apinya Keeratisuwakon
 Position : Staff of Personnel Section
 Contact : 105
 Miss Chanannat Samingchai
 Position : Staff of Personnel Section
 Contact : 105
 Miss Uraiwan Chamnankit
 Position : Staff of Personnel Section
 Contact : 105
 Miss Kamontip Hangsiri
 Position : Staff of Personnel Section
 Contact : 105
 Sgt.Siriraj Greegrainuch
 Position : Staff of Personnel Section
 Contact : 105
 Mr. Yossaton Yawood
 Position : Staff of Personnel Section
 Contact : 105


     Duties and Responsibilities - Personnel Section

1. Suggest, publicize and perform personnel administration followed as government regulations.
2. Prepare the college’s manpower plan.
3. Prepare the college’s personnel development plan.
4. Supervise and formulate the personnel’s statistics and reports related to the working time together with leaves of absence.
5. Coordinate with asking for civil servants’ decoration and personnel registration records.
6. Give advice and facilitate to personnel in all relevant aspects, for instance, civil servant card, amending the registration record, requesting for promotion, issuing recommendation letter, obtaining a pension and/or compensation and arranging the recording book for teachers’ achievement work and virtue history.
7. Perform personnel disciplines properly.
8. Offer internal welfare for all types of personnel.
9. Coordinate and offer an cooperation with other organizations both internal and external college.
10. Formulate an operation calendar, propose projects and report overall operations as sequenced.
11. Foster and maintain the college properties commissioned.
12. Perform other assignments relevant to its terms of reference.

Information as of September 28, 2021

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